The Ten-Minute Drills

On this page, you will find a collection of drills that test your knowledge in size-up, and strategies and tactics.

Please, Steal as many as you want, and modify them to you, and your department, and also edit them; If you don’t want certain questions, just delete them and add your own.

Below is a guided list of services conducted by a fire station:

Boundaries of Operation:

We follow the guidelines of the law and the professional regulations within the fire service.  We are assisted by licensed mental health professionals who also follow the guidelines of the law and the regulations within their professional licensure.

Training Statement & Guidelines:

Our members will complete a 2 day training on the practice and technique of firefighter peer support.  There are continuing education requirements for firefighters to maintain their peer support status.  A licensed psychology professional is available to guide and supervise trainings and services.  Peer support is not a professional service regulated by the state; and therefore Peer Support does not try to claim to be or practice as any such regulated service (i.e. mental/physical health).  It is not a substitute for specialized services –but may act as the liaison between peers and needed professionals in complex cases.

Program Evaluation:

We measure:
1) the number of those seeking peer support
2) the presenting issue
3) the referral source and if the peer followed through with an initial appointment
4) satisfaction with the peer support and with service if referred
5) overall comfort/satisfaction with peer support presence in the fire service.​